Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment

When even a soothing massage doesn’t do much for your neck pain, your condition might be more serious that you imagine.

Do you suffer from constant neck pains or shoulder aches?

You probably find that despite getting a soothing massage, or even basic chiropractic treatment, the pain never fully goes away.

This is because because most treatments focus on the site of the pain, but the truth is that the root cause of nearly all neck and shoulder pain is loss of the natural neck curve.

You see, when your spine is correctly aligned, your neck should show a backwards c-shaped curve known as cervical lordosis. The curve allows the weight of your head to rest on top of the neck without causing excessive stress in the discs and vertebrae supporting it. It also means your head can move freely without putting unnecessary strain on the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

Cervical Lordosis

Left: Normal Neck With A Curvature Between 31° to 40°
Right: Loss of Cervical Lordosis, With a Curvature of 0°

Forward Head Posture and the Loss of Neck Curvature

The loss of curvature arises when we repeatedly disrupt this delicate balance between the muscles, ligaments and tendons with poor posture. This happens when you assume a forward head posture for long periods of time.

Think of people in front of laptops and computer screens – it seems like they are almost trying to dive into the screen with their head to see what’s on it. What’s worse is that the same people do this for hours, day in and day out, and not knowing that their posture is slowly causing the curve in the neck to reverse.

Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture in Working Professionals – Causing Loss of Natural Neck Curvature

This condition is common in adults, particularly working class professionals. In fact, according to a study in Hong Kong, more than ⅓ of the office workers have a postural issue that makes them susceptible to neck pains and shoulder aches.

But what is more alarming is this: We now see forward head postures and loss of curvature in younger and younger children, primarily due to poor postural alignment while they are studying for long periods of time.

Long Term Effects of Loss of Lordosis

Forward head posture and loss of lordosis can lead to pain and long-term damage.

The poor alignment causes a dramatic increase of load on the neck, making the stress 2 or 3 times greater than normal. Think about this: on average your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball – imagine carrying two more of those on top of your head!

This additional weight increases the gravitational load on the supportive bones, joints and discs because the center of gravity of the head has shifted more towards the cervical spine. It also puts an increased demand on the muscles to hold the head upright. The significant effects can be observed in the x-rays below – decreased height of the discs and bone spurs with some cases even showing calcification in tendons in the neck.

Degeneration of cervical spine

Degeneration of the Neck, causing Cervical Spondylosis (arthritis in your neck bones)

As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long for that kind of strain to have a negative effect, causing muscle pain and intense headaches. In fact, loss of cervical lordosis is responsible for nearly all neck and shoulder pain.

Left to get worse over the years, tense muscles and neck pains will eventually cause decreased disc height. Some of these even cause bone spurs and even calcification in the neck tendons, causing cervical spondylosis (arthritis in your neck bones).

If treatment is not pursued, the segments in the neck can fuse, causing inflammation in the spine, and shooting pains in the neck and shoulders.

Neck Pain Treatment that Works

Fortunately, the spinal curvature in the neck can be restored in almost all cases.

At Precision Spine, we use a specialized treatment program called The Neck Solution.

The Neck Solution

The Neck Solution is designed to address your neck pain at the root cause. Instead of just giving you a massage or regular chiropractic care, we use advanced and highly specialized techniques to restore the natural curve and function of the neck and bring a halt to the progressive destruction and pain caused by poor neck alignment.

We base our diagnoses on detailed X-rays, which ensures your treatment plan will precisely target your particular misalignment. This detailed approach means our results are reliable and long lasting.

Here are some neck pain cases that we have treated recently.

Neck Pain X Ray Case Study

Shoulder Pain Treatment Case Study

Neck Pain Relief Case Study

Neck Pain Treatment Case Study

Singapore Chiropractor Case Study XRay

Natural Neck Pain Treatment XRay

Neck and Shoulder Natural Pain Relief

Our step-by-step process includes a series of weighted exercises that are the result of detailed research. The weighted exercises help to reset the brain’s understanding of the neck’s alignment, hence the long-term benefits we deliver.

The treatment process also includes home rehabilitation, so that we can retrain the core muscles that surround and support the neck and spine to be well coordinated and work correctly.

This way, your neck curvature stays that way it should be, and doesn’t get misaligned again.

It usually only takes six weeks of treatment to fully restore normal lordosis and permanently relieve neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches, and almost all neck curvatures are corrected within 3 months with The Neck Solution treatment.

Here are what some of our customers had to say:

“I’ve worked with Dr Will Kalla for several years now as I believe he is the leading chiropractor in Singapore. As an elite level cyclist, I frequently pick up niggling injuries or strains. There is no-one else I trust more to treat me.

Not only is Dr Will able to quickly identify the problem and provide a solution, he also identifies the causes and provides corrective exercises. That approach has left me with a better understanding of my body as well as a stronger body capable of withstanding harder training. In short he treats not just the symptoms but the causes. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Will to anyone looking for the best treatment.”

– Colin

“It was amazing to see the improvement on my X-rays (before and after treatments). Dr Will and his staff were professional and friendly throughout my treatment. Well Done!”

– Wang

My Experience with Precision Spine Chiropractic Clinic

What Leads me to Seek Treatment

Noticed my Neck has bent forward quite drastically and I believe this is the main cause of my tiredness. Feeling tired very easily. Felt that my left leg seems to be longer than my right leg thus causing difficulty in balancing myself when I am walking.

How I got to know the Clinic

I Googled and somehow the Clinic’s name came on the first 5 results, I saw the address which says that it is located at Orchard Road, Shaw House… I was very happy because it is a very convenient location for me.

What makes me choose Precision Spine Chiropractic Clinic

What strikes me most was Dr Kalla’s own testimony of his elder sister’s sufferings and his vow that he never wanted anyone to suffer what his sister went through if he could help it, and saw this as his calling. Inside me, I know that if he has taken his profession as a calling and not as a business then he must be a good doctor and not exploitative. Without any hesitation when he prescribed the 18 sessions, I immediately agreed to the treatment. I was also attracted by “His mission Statement which is to provide his patients with relief while fixing the root cause of their problem.” I am a strong believer of curing root problems.

I read the write up and understand that this clinic uses “CLEAR technology”. No doubt, it was the first time I have read about “The CLEAR philosophy” the idea went very well with me. I like the way treatments are done… very natural and non invasive.

How have I benefitted from the Treatment

1. No longer feel tired easily
2. No longer experience difficulty of balancing myself when walking
3. After 18 sessions – neck was back to original position
4. Position of my Back improved tremendously
5. Embarrassing though to say this, after 58 years, for the first time I learnt to walk and sit in the correct position, this is all thanks to the Professional team who taught me how by their polite but firm approach.
6. The clinic provides tools and knowledge that I need to maintain my improvements once I leave the clinic.

Will definitely urge anyone who is genuinely seeking chiropractic treatment to Precision Spine Chiropractic Clinic!

– Ms Quek

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"I can’t recommend Dr Will Kalla and the Precision Spine team highly enough. Will’s positive mindset, pragmatic assessment of my condition and innovative methods have been truly life changing. From being in near constant, debilitating pain (and a clear surgery candidate) I’m now pain free and armed with the knowledge and confidence to manage my condition, which has allowed me to resume normal sporting activities."
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