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Headaches and Migraines –What can Chiropractors do?

This video is showing a few patients getting help with their headaches and migraines through spinal manipulation provided by a chiropractor. Many patients and chiropractors can tell stories about how headaches and migraines, were either completely resolved or greatly diminishes by treating their neck. At our chiropractic clinic we use the same x-ray measurements as […]

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Chiropractic to Treat High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure reduced by chiropractic adjustment is something that is not commonly talked about among the profession and I personally never advertise this to my patients, but it can be a nice and positive side effect for some. It was great that a solid scientific study was able to prove that spinal manipulation by […]

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The Human Spine – anatomy

I thought I dwell about the human spine for a while as it is the primary focus of my job. Consisting of 24 movable bones the spine is truly an engineering masterpiece. As it connects the skull to the hips it is anatomically divided into 3 regions. In lay man terms we would call them neck, […]

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The Human Spine – video

Found this brief descriptive video of the human spine and the nerves that runs within it. I wanted to share with this with you so that you can have an initial basic understanding of the human spine. We will go through the anatomy and function of the spine more in detail in future posts.

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Chiropractor – Low Price vs Value

This happens everywhere when people want to buy something; they want to pay the lowest price for it. Many therefore go to different shops and malls to find a store that provides them with the lowest cost for the particular item they are looking for. Unfortunately this happens often again when people are looking for […]

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