Chiropractor – Low Price vs Value

This happens everywhere when people want to buy something; they want to pay the lowest price for it. Many therefore go to different shops and malls to find a store that provides them with the lowest cost for the particular item they are looking for. Unfortunately this happens often again when people are looking for a chiropractor to help them with their health concern. Unfortunately, chiropractic is not an item; it is a health care service and should be valued differently.

When you are buying a branded item, let’s just pick a Canon camera for the sake of this argument. Any shop that you go to, the Canon camera model that you are looking for will be exactly the same and it therefore often pays to shop around to find a store that provides the camera at the lowest cost.

What happens when you are looking for the cheapest chiropractor?

When price per visit is your main point of comparison between chiropractors then you are looking at the chiropractic profession the wrong way – not all chiropractors are the same, not all visits are the same.

You should compare and value your health care provider, i.e. chiropractor, based on how good their services are at:

  • Diagnosing your current symptoms and its cause
  • Treatment of your health condition
  • Prevention of future episodes reoccurring

This is where TRUE VALUE is created and huge differences in cost and quality persist. Let’s have another example here:

If you compare two chiropractors and the end result were the same, which one would you chose?

Chiro: A
Charges $50 per visit for 88 visits.
Time taken: 7 months to a year.
Cost of care: $4400

Chiro: B
Charges $120 per visit for 25 visits.
Time taken: 2 months.
Cost of care: $3000

I know which service provider I would choose, What about you?

About the Author

Dr Will was the youngest student ever accepted into the Scandinavian Chiropractic College Stockholm, Sweden, and in 1997, became the youngest graduate from the college at the age of 21 and immediately began practicing as a chiropractor.