Headaches and Migraines –What can Chiropractors do?

This video is showing a few patients getting help with their headaches and migraines through spinal manipulation provided by a chiropractor. Many patients and chiropractors can tell stories about how headaches and migraines, were either completely resolved or greatly diminishes by treating their neck.

At our chiropractic clinic we use the same x-ray measurements as shown in the video that will give us specific information on how the spinal alignment is in the upper most part of the cervical spine. This information can and will be used to treat the persons neck and spine, although we don’t used the same piece of machinery to achieve our results.

About the Author

Dr Will was the youngest student ever accepted into the Scandinavian Chiropractic College Stockholm, Sweden, and in 1997, became the youngest graduate from the college at the age of 21 and immediately began practicing as a chiropractor.