Chiropractic Clinic

The FIRST Chiropractic Clinic in Asia to Provide CLEAR™ Treatment

After nearly 9 years in our old clinic, we outgrew the space and decided to build a centre that provided CLEAR™ treatment with the maximum level of comfort.

  • Newly redesigned Singapore treatment centre on Orchard Road
  • Natural treatment that provides proven results
  •  Staff trained under world famous doctors for Chiropractic Rehabilitation
  • Certified by Dr Clayton Stitzel DC, former director of the CLEAR™ Institute

Our new clinic uses the latest CLEAR™ technology to reduce your pain and disfigurement by actually correcting the curves in your body. This is more than just the "adjustment" you might think of when you hear the word Chiropractor. Using this specialised equipment actually corrects your spine allowing the body to heal and regain proper function so you don’t need to rely on a brace or surgery.

What is CLEAR™?

The CLEARTM Institute is a non-profit organization with the mission to treat scoliosis without using traditional treatments like bracing or surgery. Since 2000, they have been sharing their Chiropractic system to help people worldwide. Precision Spine was the first to bring this proven technology outside the U.S.A, and has used it to treat a wide range of spinal conditions on hundreds of patients.

We follow a strict protocol that we know works. During your Chiropractic treatment, our staff will explain each phase, as well as the specialised equipment, so you can understand what and why things are being done.

Learn more about our process  & clinic equipment

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Contact Us for Your Consultation

If you think Chiropractic treatment can help, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Singapore Clinic. The consultation includes:

  • X-ray review and measurement
  • Lifestyle and activity assessment
  • Doctor examination
  • Clinic session 
  • Spinal adjustment
  • At-home care recommendations

If new X-Rays need to be taken, they can be done the same day (at an additional cost) as your appointment. Our doctor will also show you some results from previous patients so you can feel confident in the Chiropractic treatment we provide.​

 no hardsell guarentee

We promise to never hard-sell you, because we believe that our patients must be as committed to their treatment as our team is to their care.