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Had a good experience with Dr Will and the staff at Precision Spine. I had an intensive 12 sessions and saw a marked improvement in my neck posture at the end of those treatments. You do need to bear with some discomfort during each treatment session and the staff are highly attentive during treatment.

Hian Tan | Aug 25, 2021

Look no further if you are suffering from any spine disorders. Dr Will Kalla is the perfect chiropractor whom you must consult and seek treatment from. Listen to his exposition on your current conditions and get yourself treated. I have done mine.

David lui | Oct 3, 2017

Our 5-step treatment process

chiropractic treatment time 40-60 min

Normally each session takes 40 minutes to an hour.

Chiropractor singapore percussion massage forneck pain

Percussion Massage to Rock Your World

For patients with years or decades of neck problems, we use percussion massage to loosen up the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and lower neck area. A few minutes of this does wonders for our clients—even the most stubborn of stiff necks do loosen up in a few sessions.

We loosen up sore and tight muscles

seated cervical traction

Seated Cervical Traction – The Pain That Delivers

Seated traction with two directions of pulling force allows us to customize your cervical traction to your neck. However, as there are many different deviations of the cervical spine with neck cases, we need to adjust what is best for each patient. For example, pure axial traction provided in standard medical care by orthopaedics, physiotherapists or chiropractors may be able to provide you with relief. However, it still doesn’t change the structure of the curve in your neck, and your symptoms will return in months.

We stretch tight tendons

cervical viration traction

Vibration Traction – Earthquake for Your Spine

Vibration Traction helps to loosen up even the most stubborn necks effectively. Here’s an analogy: think of what an earthquake does to a brick house. Not the most perfect analogy, but you get the idea. We want to loosen up the connective tissue in your neck to allow normal lordosis to form.

We will soften all surrounding tissues

singapore chiropractor spinal manipulation

Spinal Manipulation – Wow that Felt Great

We utilize manual spinal adjusting and instrument adjusting for your neck; this is almost like hitting the reset button for your joints sensors and has a pain relief effect.

We give Pain relief and segmental mobility

Neuro-Muscular Re-activation – Say what?

Neuro-Muscular Re-activation is an active rehabilitation technique we use to help restore normal posture and correct your neck. The system that facilitates and controls movement, stability and normal posture is highly adaptive and can be re-calibrated. We use this to help restore your ideal cervical lordosis.

NMR to recalibrate your posture

Singapore Best Chiropractic Treament:

Neck Pain & Headache

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  • 40-60 min Chiropractic session
  • 5-step treatment process
  • Percussion Massage
  • Seated Cervical Traction
  • Vibration Traction
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Neuro-Muscular Re-activation
24 Treatments

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"Fix Your Neck in 90 Days or

Money-Back Guarantee"




  • 40-60 min Chiropractic session
  • 5-step treatment process
  • Percussion Massage
  • Seated Cervical Traction
  • Vibration Traction
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Neuro-Muscular Re-activation
  • Pay 19 sessions
  • 5 FREE sessions
  • Total 24 Chiropractic Treaments 
  • Save $875

Fix Your Neck in 90 Days

We will significantly correct your neck structural alignment in 90 days with 36 treatment sessions, or we will refund all your treatment money.

  Dr. Will Kalla

cervical spondylosis
cervical lordosis
58 years, female

She was hospitalised in Middle East due to terrible neck pain for 10 days under sedation and recommended surgery.


Her neck x-rays revealed severe degeneration (Cervical Spondylosis) and she even had a few segments in a reversed curve in the middle of the neck.


8 Days later her neck curve had near ideal cervical lordosis. Her reversed curve in the middle of the neck was gone.

She was able to return to full time work again within a month of returning home.

forward head posture
cervical lordosis
32 years, male

Seeking help for stiff neck and neck pain


His x-rays revealed a large bone spur on C5 segment. He had almost 4cm forward head posture and almost total loss of his normal neck curve.


In 2 months his neck improved a great deal and his symptoms were resolved. His neck now displays near normal neck curvature and his forward head shift is down to 1.4cm

cervical kyphosis
40 years, female

Lady felt really sharp and severe pain in her neck.


Her normal neck curve was completely reversed to a 10 degree opposite curve from normal. Indicating a 124% loss of normal curve in the neck.


In mere 12 treatment sessions her neck curve had improved to only 33%, her shfit of forward head posture had reduced by 2 cm and neck pain was gone.

Hear how they feel after the treatment

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neck pain cervical traction

Our Chiropractic Treatment

At Precision Spine we provide the best cervical lordosis structural spine corrective chiropractic treatment in Singapore. We routinely help people suffering from neck pain, even severe neck problems, by restoring their neck to normal cervical lordosis. You will experience faster relief and the best long-term results. Neck correction can be achieved in weeks to a few months for almost everyone. Here are a few examples:

What our customers are saying:

The technics used by Dr Will are highly effective. The station that caused the most pain happens to be most effective. Nevertheless, the pain is worthwhile since it is targeted at the root cause of problem, by realigning our bone structure to its original position, which i am certain normal cracking will not work. Before and After Xrays results showed clear signs of improvement in neck posture and clearly, I am no longer suffering from daily discomfort now.

DARYL T  //  Sep 13, 2021

Dr. Will was very thorough and explained everything in detail about my spine. The best part was the sessions weren't the traditional Chiropractic adjustments I've experienced (i.e. 20 mins then out the door). They were over an hour long and utilised machines and weights to help readjust my spine. I would highly recommend the clinic. Another great part about Dr. Will and his staff is that they don't try and hard sell you.

BREANNE M  //  Jun 26, 2015

Our amazing 5-Step chiropractic treatment process and differs greatly from what you might be used to from other chiropractic clinics. For example, many of you may be used to 5-minute treatment sessions of spinal manipulation. At Precision Spine, a regular chiropractic treatment session of corrective care for neck pain takes 40 minutes to and hour. That is why we can achieve correction to normal cervical lordosis for most cases in a mere few months.

Each of our treatment sessions seeks to loosen up your stiff and painful neck and in order to make it more pliable and receptive to correction forces, giving you faster treatment results.

Although the treatment may not be enjoyable and can even feel hard to manage initially, many start feeling pain relief after the first session. For some, it may take a few weeks before they notice it. All cases vary in both severity and structural issues.

For neck pain treatment, corrective chiropractic traction treatment will provide you with the best results and long-term relief. We start at a minimum of 12 sessions for mild cases which usually takes four weeks to complete. Many will already see visible changes after that. Stubborn cases may take 3 months to achieve significant changes. And barely anyone requires anything more than 6 months.

Causes for Neck Pain - Overview

The most common causes of neck pain are muscles and ligaments linked to improper posture and poor ergonomics. The disc and joints are rich in nerves. Therefore, degenerative changes can lead to pain generation. In the vast majority of cases, the lack of structure can explain the pain. That is another reason why optimal cervical lordosis is needed for the neck to feel good.

  • 1 in 2 people will likely have neck pain in their life, if not more.
  • 23% of adult Singaporeans have felt neck pain in past 6 months.
  • Most individuals with neck pain do not experience complete resolution of their symptoms and disability as they age.
  • Neck injuries are popularly called “whiplash”, but the term originated from car-accidents, and related cervical acceleration/deceleration type accidents.

Stiff and Tight Neck

The first stage of issues for most, even before neck pain starts, is stiff and tight neck muscles. Poor posture and poor ergonomics cause these issues by creating excessive strain on your muscles. For example, the way you are using your smartphone and excessive time on your laptop will give you stiff and tight neck muscles that will eventually lead to neck pain.

Cervical Spondylosis

Degenerative changes in your neck are called cervical spondylosis. These can affect the discs in your neck, bones and joints. With increasing age, we tend to see more of these degenerative changes, but also young individuals with loss of normal cervical lordosis exhibit these changes.

Trauma is also a big driver of cervical spondylosis as segmental ligament instability drives degeneration.

The main symptoms of cervical spondylosis are neck pain and are frequently accompanied by shoulder pain.

For example, we have seen a 14-year-old with big bone spurs in the neck due to a reversed neck curve - a kyphotic neck.

Spinal Stenosis (Myelopathy)

Severe cervical spondylosis can lead to narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal. The spinal cord is located in the canal and when compressed is diagnosed as central stenosis. The narrowing can also happen where the nerve exits the spine and is then called foraminal stenosis. When cervical spondylosis causes central stenosis and presses on the spinal cord, you can be diagnosed with cervical myelopathy. And when cervical spondylosis presses on nerve roots, the diagnosis is called cervical spondylotic radiculopathy.

Cervical Disc Herniation (Slipped Disc)

Neck Pain from disc degeneration or herniation affects people in their 40s and 50s. Disc issues can also cause cervical radiculopathy - pain down the arm. Disc issues can be from trauma (think car or motor accidents, or years of poor neck alignment that increases pressure on the disc and takes a toll). In some cases, the disc bulge can be reabsorbed - fixing your neck goes a long way in helping with that.

 Cervical disc herniation causes neck pain and pain down the arm through direct pressure and chemical irritation.

Trigger Points in the Neck

Not commonly covered by General Practitioners or Orthopedic Specialists in their evaluation of neck related issues, trigger points are often present in cases with loss of normal cervical lordosis. Trigger points in your neck region can give you tension headaches, eye, neck, chest, shoulder, arm and hand pain. It can also cause numbness down the arm to the hands and fingers. We have often diagnosed these accompanying issues that other doctors and therapists have overlooked.

 Cervical disc herniation causes neck pain and pain down the arm through direct pressure and chemical irritation.

The Cervical Spine

All medical anatomy books state that cervical lordosis is the normal state of the neck. The neck is the top region of the multi-segmented column - our spine. Each motion segment is a three-joint complex, and it is a functional unit of the spine. The three joints are the intervertebral disc and 2 facet joints.

  • 1 in 2 people will likely have neck pain in their life, if not more.
  • 23% of adult Singaporeans have felt neck pain in past 6 months.
  • Most individuals with neck pain do not experience complete resolution of their symptoms and disability as they age.
  • Neck injuries are popularly called “whiplash”, but the term originated from car-accidents, and related cervical acceleration/deceleration type accidents.

The cervical spine consists of 7 spinal vertebrae, that’s 7 bones in your neck. They form a curve forward. Each segment is separated by the disc and facet joints and linked together with ligaments, joint capsules and muscles.

The function of the neck

The spine has three basic functions:

  • Carry loads
  • Provide Mobility
  • Protect the spinal cord

The cervical spine is the most mobile section of the spine and, therefore, the most vulnerable to injury. We need this mobility to see and listen to things quickly.

The full ranges of motion for the neck are:

Flexion and extension: 130°

Lateral Bending: 45°

Rotation: 80°

Cervical Lordosis and pressures in the spine

Additionally to the 3 basic functions of the spine, your neck also need stability to carry the weight of the head, which on average weighs 4.5 kg!

The cervical spine in normal lordosis evenly distributes the pressure on the vertebral body at the front and the two articular pillars at the back. It has been stated in the literature that they share about ⅓ each of the load. With the vertebral body and its disc having a much larger size, the pressure is much smaller than in the articular pillars. Lordosis is also crucial in maintaining normal movement between the segments and plays vital importance in how the load is transmitted in the spine.

With deviations from normal cervical lordosis, there are massive changes of pressure in the spine. The most common site for bone spurs in the neck is at the front of the vertebral body. The articular pillars in the back are designed to carry sustained compression and deal with higher stress. Hence, the bone spurs that develop at the front as your neck loses normal lordosis and vertical alignment shifts, and results in significant shifts in the pressure inside the spine.

Research has shown that you are 18 times more likely to have neck pain if you have a straight or kyphotic neck.

You will understand why we look at what stresses your neck experience when you deviate from normal cervical lordosis. But first, let’s look at the most common presentations for the neck and how the pressure changes.

With normal cervical lordosis present and normal vertical alignment, there are slight pulling forces at the front of the bones in each vertebra.

  • Necks with a forward head posture and lordosis, compression forces are induced at the front of the bones.
  • A straight military neck also has significant pressure increases at the front of the vertebral body.
  • S-curved necks are when the cervical spine has a double bend. When this occurs, there is the highest pressure at the kyphotic region, the area where the spine is bent forward.
  • The kyphotic neck is where the highest compression forces are seen at the front, and the vertebral body carries 100% of the weight, and the articular pillars share nothing.

Cervical traction for neck pain

Traction for neck pain has been around for ages. Traction has been reported to result in short-term relief of radiculopathy. The traditional form of traction used in hospitals, orthopedics, physios or physical therapy, and most chiropractors effectively provide short-term relief, but it doesn’t last.

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