Are Scoliosis Braces Useless?

This is something that is of great concern for many parents; is my child’s scoliosis brace useless? Discussions and even research is currently being done to find out an answer to that question. The research study ‘BrAIST’ is trying to “compare the risk of curve progression in adolescents with AIS who wear a brace versus those who do not and to determine whether there are reliable factors that can predict the usefulness of bracing for a particular individual with AIS.” The study directors have mentioned that one possible outcome could even be that braces are stopped all together.

Scoliosis brace has NO effect on the natural course of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Another presentation showed us this interesting graph exploring what effect scoliosis brace might have compared with genetic risk factors for progression. the graph showed us that there is hardly any effect on the natural course of idiopathic scoliosis progression.

Naturally, this kind of information has sparked intense conversation on scoliosis forums as can be read on this thread “Spinal bracing. Does it work?

If you or your child has been wearing a brace, what was the experiences of that? Did it work or not? Please do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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