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2 Lower Back Pain – Disc bulge model

This video illustrates a model of the spine that can realistically demonstrate what happens when a injured disc is loaded. I bought this model to my clinic a year ago to help my lower back pain patients understand how the lumbar discs behave when they are compressed. This makes it very easy for them to […]

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1 Lower Back Pain – Chiropractor is the 1st choice!

The video report findings made by a consumer survey and shows that hands on chiropractic care was first choice among lower back pain sufferers. This is of course good news for the chiropractic profession as the survey shows that the public trusts a chiropractor to care for their back problems. 80% of adults do suffer […]

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Lower Back Pain Due To Degenerative Disc

Lower back pain can have many causes and sometimes there is a intervertebral disc that is at fault. This video illustrates a disc in the lower back and how it degenerates, eventually bulging causing pressure on the spinal nerve. The end result can be lower back pain and leg pain as is mentioned in the […]

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