Scoliosis Treatments

Learn About Your Different Options Before Rushing into Surgery

 While we might not know why the majority of scoliosis cases occur, the scientific community is very clear on how curves develop and behave over time. In short, a small curvature for older patients with a more mature spine, will likely have no issues without treatment. On the other hand, a bigger curve seen in a younger patient has a high chance of progressing and needing treatment.

​Learn more about risk of progression

The key message: treatment should be undertaken as soon as possible to help stop progression

At Precision Spine, we’re trained in safe and effective treatments other than bracing or surgery. These treatment methods can be done by nearly all patients, and will not only stabilize the scoliosis curvature, but the majority of patients dramatically reduce the curve they already have. Why not try a safe, natural method  before going into surgery?

Treatment options

Are there side effects after chiropractic scoliosis treatment?

A recent study* found that the rate of moderate side effects was one per 533 visits. This study involved 189 scoliosis patients surveyed from 9 chiropractic offices over a timeframe of one calendar year.

In short, mild side effects can be expected after scoliosis treatment but are generally benign. This means there was no serious adverse events that required medical attention, hospital stays, or surgical intervention.

*Woggon and Woggon Scoliosis (2015) 10:29 DOI 10.1186/s13013-015-0053-8

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If you think Chiropractic treatment can help, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Singapore Clinic. The consultation includes:

  • X-ray review and measurement
  • Lifestyle and activity assessment
  • Doctor examination
  • Clinic session 
  • Spinal adjustment
  • At-home care recommendations

If new X-Rays need to be taken, they can be done the same day (at an additional cost) as your appointment. Our doctor will also show you some results from previous patients so you can feel confident in the Chiropractic treatment we provide.​

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We promise to never hard-sell you, because we believe that our patients must be as committed to their treatment as our team is to their care.