Adult Scoliosis

There is Effective Treatment for Adult Scoliosis Sufferers 

Adult scoliosis can be the result of untreated childhood scoliosis.  It can also be adult degenerative scoliosis which is a distinct condition that actually begins in adulthood and frequently occurs in people over 65 years of age.

The gradual deterioration of the facet joints is the same process that causes osteoarthritis of the spine. The key difference is that the pressure of the deteriorating facet joints in degenerative scoliosis causes a straight spine to shift so that the spine curves to one side forming a “C” shape.

Adult degenerative scoliosis symptoms

  • Degenerative adult scoliosis usually begins as low back pain
  • Weakness, numbness and pain in the legs
  • Loss of coordination in the muscles of the legs making it difficult to walk

There may also be an obvious deformity in the back, but it’s usually the pain that brings patients into a spine specialist's office. The pain is probably not coming from the curve in the spine but the degeneration process which is causing the curve to form. Not all cases of scoliosis cause the patient to have pain.

Chiropractic treatment for Adult Scoliosis

The recommended treatment for degenerative scoliosis is usually non-surgical. Adjustments and manipulation by a qualified chiropractic professional can keep the facet joints mobile and help reduce pain.

If osteoporosis is causing the scoliosis, then treatment of the osteoporosis may help slow the progression of the spinal curve. Surgery for scoliosis can have serious complications; therefore we recommend trying natural treatments before undergoing any surgical procedures.