Chiropractic Process & Equipment

Chiropractic Treatment with the Latest Technology from the U.S.A

Learn about the  protocols and specialised equipment that we use to get consistent, measurable results.

Spinal and neuromuscular conditions are incredibly complex and typically involve much more than the spinal column. That’s why every client receives a customised treatment plan based on their individual needs. With that said, there are certain protocols we follow to make sure we’re achieving consistent, measurable success in our Chiropractic care.

Watch Dr. Will explain the clinic equipment 

X-Ray Evaluation 

Step 1: The first step involves gathering information about the entire spine. This is because one affected area could be causing the body to overcompensate in another area. The best way to do this is by doing a physical examination as well as taking a series of X-Rays to get a precise measurement or the spine and its function.

The Mix

Step 2: By the time clients come to our clinic, their spines have tight muscles, ligaments and tendons that have evolved over time. The discs in these spines become wedged and immobile. After puberty starts, the problem worsens because the discs are no longer receiving blood supply.

The first step to start the healing process is to loosen these parts of the back to increase spinal flexibility. Aptly called “the mix,” this step is generally painless and gets more comfortable over time.

 scoliosis traction chair1

Scoliosis Traction Chair

The Scoliosis Traction Chair is used for patients with larger curves (above 25 degrees). The STC removes the stress of gravity and uses high-level vibrations, which causes the muscles of the spine to contract at a high frequency to accelerate healing and increase spinal flexibility. The STC in conjunction with the other procedures has been shown to be highly effective.

Vibratory Traction

The vibratory traction was designed to relax and loosen targeted areas through slow, even frequency. The rolling motion travels up and down the spine to reduce tightening and to allow additional fluid into yours discs and ligaments.

 vibratory traction1
 eckard table1

Eckard Table

The Eckard table flexes up and down to loosen the specific muscles/ ligaments in a scoliotic spine. Like the other machines in the mix step, the Eckard table also encourages the movement of nutrients into the discs to improve spinal health.

Core Stim

The core stim uses two specific vibrations that are applied to targeted areas to relax the soft tissue in the spine.

 core stim

The Mix

Step 3: After the first step, the spine will be more flexible. When the spinal flexibility has improved, our doctor will help direct the spine into alignment through safe and effective adjustments. These adjustments are based on years of clinical research from around the world.

The adjustments used on each patient differ, and are determined by the doctor during the spinal measurements.

 the fix1

The Set

Step 4: The last step in our Chiropractic process is to “set” the spine to hold and maintain the new curvature.

The body’s weaker areas must be rebuilt, and our doctor uses precise weights and exercises to re-educate the body’s supportive muscles. The doctor will guide you through specific isometric spinal exercises with head, shoulder and hip weights that are appropriate for each patient’s condition. By rebuilding the body’s nerve system against gravity, these corrections become permanent.

Follow-up Exam & At-Home Treatment Plan

Step 5: After your full treatment series, we will take new X-Rays to validate the effectiveness of your treatment. You will only be asked to take X-Rays that are necessary to evaluate your treatment. At that point, you and our doctor will decide on the next steps.

Once you return home, you will be responsible to maintain your at-home care plan, which is crucial to your long-term results. Since spinal health takes time to treat, our patients must combat the disease along with our Chiropractors. Remember that results are not guaranteed but accomplished by patients who make their at-home treatment a priority.

Contact Us for Your Consultation

If you think Chiropractic treatment can help, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Singapore Clinic. The consultation includes:

  • X-ray review and measurement
  • Lifestyle and activity assessment
  • Doctor examination
  • Clinic session 
  • Spinal adjustment
  • At-home care recommendations

If new X-Rays need to be taken, they can be done the same day (at an additional cost) as your appointment. Our doctor will also show you some results from previous patients so you can feel confident in the Chiropractic treatment we provide.​

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We promise to never hard-sell you, because we believe that our patients must be as committed to their treatment as our team is to their care.