Chiropractic Treatment

What Is Chiropractic Treatment?

We love being able to educate our clients on the topic because we believe that good structural and spinal health is a key part to overall health.​

  • Considered safe and effective
  • Pain relief for a wide range of conditions
  • Natural treatment -- no medications or surgery
  • Proven results

When some of our patients walk into Precision Spine, they have little knowledge on what Chiropractors actually is and how it will help their condition. In short, our certified and highly trained doctor uses hands-on spinal manipulation, exercises and equipment to bring alignment of the body's musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine. This proper alignment allows the body to heal itself naturally to help patients avoid medication or surgery.

Does Chiropractic therapy work?

We prove that our methods work by taking spinal measurements before and after your treatment. We do this to (1) truly understand the skeletal problems you might be experiencing, and (2) to show the quantifiable improvement you’ve made. Furthermore, our sessions are not the simple adjustments you might experience from other chiropractors. We use the latest technology and tools for thorough treatment sessions to help correct your body.

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Conditions we treat

Our Chiropractor is primarily seen by patients for pain relief for their muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, etc.). Please use the menu on the left to learn more about a specific condition.

The spinal manipulation, exercises and machines used in our clinic help restore mobility to joints that have been injured by repetitive stress, such as poor posture, or by traumatic events, such as a sports injury. The goal of chiropractic care should not only stop at restoration of function, but should include prevention of injury in addition to pain pain relief. We do this through education during your sessions and creating an at-home treatment plan.

We’ve seen hundreds of patients at our Singapore chiropractic clinic and witnessed remarkable improvement to their conditions using our methods. These methods use the latest technology and are directed by our certified staff and doctor, who frequently visits the U.S. to continue his Chiropractic education.

Contact Us for Your Consultation

If you think Chiropractic treatment can help, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Singapore Clinic. The consultation includes:

  • X-ray review and measurement
  • Lifestyle and activity assessment
  • Doctor examination
  • Clinic session 
  • Spinal adjustment
  • At-home care recommendations

If new X-Rays need to be taken, they can be done the same day (at an additional cost) as your appointment. Our doctor will also show you some results from previous patients so you can feel confident in the Chiropractic treatment we provide.​

 no hardsell guarentee

We promise to never hard-sell you, because we believe that our patients must be as committed to their treatment as our team is to their care.