Scoliosis Treatment

Get treatment for scoliosis that focuses on reducing your pain and spinal curvature, yet doesn’t require you to wear a rigid brace or go through invasive surgeries.

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Do you or your child suffer from Scoliosis, or curved spine?

We know what it is like. Consistent back aches, shying away from the “regular” fitting clothes in fear of looking “different” from your friends, and not being able to stand, walk, exercise or even enjoy your weekend shopping for extended hours without the feeling of a sore back.

That is why since 2007, we have been focusing on helping Scoliosis sufferers like you to not only reduce your spinal curvature, but also help to reduce the pain, and return the functionality and flexibility your spine should rightly have.

Signs of Scoliosis and Risk of Curvature Progression

If you think you have a curved spine, or have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, it is important to seek the right treatment quickly. If not, your condition may be at risk of progression.

Look at yourself in the mirror, do you have any of these signs?

  • Eye line or head appears tilted to one side
  • Shoulders appear uneven
  • Head and pelvis are not centered
  • Hips appear twisted or uneven
  • One side of rib cage appears to have a hump or raised area
  • Clothing does not fit or hang right

These are the common visible signs in a person having scoliosis. Being aware of the early signs of scoliosis and taking the appropriate treatment will definitely help in preventing its progression.

In fact, if you or your loved one:

  • Is a female
  • Is between the ages of 8-14
  • Have not had menses
  • Have a thin or lanky body shape

Then you fall into the typical “early stage scoliosis” patient demographic. Even mild cases of early stage scoliosis (0-19 degrees) carry a significant risk of further curve progression (up to 22%). If your spinal curvature is more than 20 degrees, the risk of curve progression actually increases threefold.

scoliosis progression

Traditional Treatment Methods

If you have researched the mainstream medical approach or sought orthopaedic advice for scoliosis treatment , you will understand that unfortunately, the mainstream options are either painfully invasive, lacking in results, or both.

The traditional approach to treating scoliosis recommends different options, depending on your degree of curvature.

Traditional Scoliosis Treatments

Traditional Scoliosis Treatments

0 – 25 Degrees

For curves between 0 and 25 degrees, observation is recommended. That means that nothing is done, and they will just recommend you go for a review every 6 months to see if your curvature has progressed.

As we have addressed in the previous section – “watch and wait” doesn’t make very good sense. Just because your curvature “isn’t serious enough” doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just wait for it to worsen.

25 – 40 Degrees

For curvatures between 25 and 40 degrees, bracing is recommended.

This means that you have to wear a brace that attempts to help straighten your posture. The most common brace type recommended is the Boston brace, usually made of high density polypropylene lined with polyethylene foam. Typically, a patient will have to wear the brace for over 20 hours a day, and for up to 5 years.

These braces are intended to minimise the curve progression to an acceptable level, not to correct the curvature. In fact, numerous recent studies have shown that these rigid braces do nothing to help you with your underlying condition.

Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis Brace

This is because these hard braces are designed to tackle scoliosis as a skeletal problem when in fact; it is a neuro-musculoskeletal concern. Braces constrain the spine into an alignment that looks good when examined by X-rays. However the problem manifests itself once the brace has been removed.

The condition usually worsens because the brace has permanently impaired the muscles and nervous system. While there are instances when the hard brace has halted the progression of the curved spine, most of these cases are plagued by long-term health issues like dysfunction of the muscles and nerves.

In warm tropical countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, wearing these braces for long hours also often result in heat rash.

40 Degrees and Above

For curvatures between 40 to 50 degrees, spinal surgery is recommended. In a spinal fusion surgery, an orthopedic surgeon surgically fuses a stainless steel rod (Harrington Rod) with your spine.

Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Surgeries are expensive, and invasive.

It leaves you with a scar on your back, but what is more important is this: According to a research paper prepared by the department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburg Children’s Hospital in 2009, most patients who underwent spinal operations did not improve their health despite paying more for the said surgical treatments.

More recently, in January 2011, another research paper published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics identified 39 distinct patient populations from 47 articles (a total of 3401 patients between 1950 and 2008, representing 35 different cities and 18 different countries), with a minimum average follow-up of 5 years. The paper concluded with “indications for surgery remain largely for cosmetic and psychological reasons”.

scoliosis surgery is a cosmetic procedure

At Precision Spine, we maintain a stand that scoliosis surgery is merely a cosmetic procedure when used to treat this complex condition. In other words, surgery might help you look like you have a straight spine, but often it does little to reduce the amount of pain you will have suffer from.

While we agree that surgical operation is necessary at times especially for significant spinal curvatures, we assert that hardware from spinal surgery can pose serious health risks, which can result to another form of operation. Spinal surgery can also have other risks like major neurological injury such as paralysis (citing Dr. Tod Sloan of the Anesthesiology Clinics of North America)

We feel that that scoliosis surgery should be considered the final resort for curing idiopathic scoliosis, and that it must only be made if all other non-invasive options have been explored.

At this juncture, you are probably wondering if your only viable choice is to be a victim to what scoliosis will continue to do to your body, and if you must continue to live with the pain and the disfigurement that progresses.

We want you to know that there is hope, and we are here to help.

Unparalleled Scoliosis Treatment Experience in the Region

When you visit Precision Spine for treatment, you benefit from therapeutic methods and Scoliosis treatment experience that are unparalleled within the region.

We are the first clinic in South East Asia that treats patients according to CLEAR Institute protocols, and our founder, Dr Will Kalla, has the distinction of being the first CLEAR-certified chiropractor in the region since 2007.

Treatment from the Root Cause with Early Intervention and Manipulation

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention

The CLEAR method of scoliosis reduction produces amazing results using early intervention and manipulation instead of braces and surgery.

We believe that while a reduction in physical symptoms can make a huge difference to your life, the right treatment goes even further. It can transform you by putting you back in control of your health, and reminding you that there is always hope.

Other chiropractors focus only on the part of the spine that is curved, but our approach addresses the spine as a whole. By working on balance and weight distribution all the way from the pelvis to the skull, we are able to change the messages sent out by the nervous system.

This addresses the root cause of the condition, which leads to results that last – a smaller spinal curve and less pain.

Our Treatment Protocol

Our treatment protocol is based on the CLEAR Institute’s MIX, FIX, SET approach.

  • MIX – Soften the tissues and muscles affecting the scoliosis, making them pliable and workable
    • Active stretching
    • Passive stretching
    • Vibration therapies
  • FIX – Comprehensive, manual adjustment to correct abnormal spinal curvatures and misalignments
    • Cutting-edge spinal adjustment
  • SET – Retrain the body to hold corrections permanently
    • Active rehab
    • Resistance rehab
    • Continued home rehab

Unlike soft or rigid braces, the MIX, FIX, SET programme can actually reduce and stabilize the spinal curvature, while also reducing the risk of future scoliotic curve progression.

This approach is specifically targeted for scoliosis patients who have spinal curvatures from 0-25 degrees. Doctors usually tell this group of patients to “watch and wait” but we favor proactive treatment.

Intervention at an early stage can minimize the risks and effects of scoliosis, and provides treatment options that are less expensive, less painful and less invasive.

Whether your scoliosis is early or more advanced, we are always available to answer questions on our treatment protocol or address your concerns.

When you visit Precision Spine for your consultation, we want to help your by first answering your questions and concerns. Our purpose is for you to understand the methods we use, and why our approach is getting you to achieve maximum scoliosis reduction. You will also see some amazing results from people that have had their lives changed by the CLEAR method of scoliosis reduction.

This way, you can feel confident when choosing to seek treatment from us as a certified CLEAR doctor.

Here is a short video on the CLEAR treatment method:

Our Founding Chiropractor – Dr Will Kalla

As a CLEAR certified doctor, Dr Will Kalla is trained extensively in helping people with scoliosis not just to reduce their pain, but also to physically reduce the size of the spinal curvature so that their spines can begin to work properly.

Dr Will shares the CLEAR Institute’s understanding that scoliosis is primarily a neurological condition, and he applies this knowledge in a way that truly makes a difference to his patients’ lives.

“CLEAR doctors see adolescent idiopathic scoliosis as a condition where the nervous system sends the wrong messages to the spine, causing it to curve. This understanding leads to a unique treatment approach and explains the great results seen in CLEAR patients.”

- Dr Will Kalla

Over the past 7 years, Dr Will has worked on over 200 cases of scoliosis, with tremendous results.

Here are some of the before and after x-rays of our cases.

scoliosis treatment xray by Precision Spine

scoliosis treatment xray by Precision Spine

scoliosis treatment xray by Precision Spine

scoliosis treatment xray by Precision Spine

scoliosis treatment xray by Precision Spine

When you reduce the abnormal curves in your spine, you will feel great, your body will function better, and the organ dysfunctions associated with scoliosis can improve or even be prevented.

Here are what some of our customers have to say:

“I along with my sister recently underwent a two – week Intensive Scoliosis Bootcamp Spinal Correction at Precision-Spine Singapore. Their approach is highly straightforward and wholesome. Their concentration on maintaining a right posture and a healthy spine is an important and often neglected aspect by most people these days. While the treatment is gradual and requires a fair bit of self resolve, it definitely promises the best results in overall health, well-being and confidence.

My C curve went down from 18 to 13 degree and I look forward to being completely free of scoliosis with continued efforts. My sister had an S curve, upper 58 degree and lower 44 degree. Within two weeks the upper curve was brought down to 47 degree. My sister will be continuing treatment and we hope to see her improve over the next year. We would like to thank Dr Will Kalla, Deanna and Sabrina for their efforts and commitment. They interact openly always taking out time to explain and address our concerns. ”

- Akshaya and Diya, Oman

Let Us Help with Your Scoliosis

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