Scoliosis Treatment

Treatment for scoliosis that reduces pain and spinal curvature with no brace or invasive surgeries.

Do you or your child suffer from Scoliosis, or curved spine?

We know what it is like. Consistent back aches, shying away from the “regular” fitting clothes in fear of looking “different” from your friends, and not being able to stand, walk, exercise or even enjoy your weekend shopping for extended hours without the feeling of a sore back.

That is why since 2007, we have been focusing on helping Scoliosis sufferers like you to not only reduce your spinal curvature, but also help to reduce the pain, and return the functionality and flexibility your spine should rightly have.

Signs of Scoliosis and Risk of Curvature Progression

scoliosis treatment xray

If you think you have a curved spine, or have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, it is important to seek the right treatment quickly. If not, your condition may be at risk of progression.

Do you have any of these signs?

  • Eye line or head appears tilted to one side
  • Shoulders appear uneven
  • Head and pelvis are not centered
  • Hips appear twisted or uneven
  • One side of rib cage appears to have a hump or raised area
  • Clothing does not fit or hang right

These are the common visible signs in a person having scoliosis. Being aware of the early signs of scoliosis and taking the appropriate treatment will definitely help in preventing its progression.

In fact, if you or your loved one:

  • Is a female
  • Is between the ages of 8-14
  • Have not had menses
  • Have a thin or lanky body shape

Then you fall into the typical “early stage scoliosis” patient demographic. Even mild cases of early stage scoliosis (0-19 degrees) carry a significant risk of further curve progression (up to 22%). If your spinal curvature is more than 20 degrees, the risk of curve progression actually increases threefold.

scoliosis progression

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"I can’t recommend Dr Will Kalla and the Precision Spine team highly enough. Will’s positive mindset, pragmatic assessment of my condition and innovative methods have been truly life changing. From being in near constant, debilitating pain (and a clear surgery candidate) I’m now pain free and armed with the knowledge and confidence to manage my condition, which has allowed me to resume normal sporting activities."
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