Chiropractic to Treat High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure reduced by chiropractic adjustment is something that is not commonly talked about among the profession and I personally never advertise this to my patients, but it can be a nice and positive side effect for some. It was great that a solid scientific study was able to prove that spinal manipulation by a chiropractor treating the top spinal bone was able to reduce high blood pressure.

The results were as good as taking two different blood pressure medications at the same time. In our chiropractic clinic we have a similar focus on restoring the alignment of the bones in the upper cervical area as shown in the video. It is also important to know that this positive effect may not happen to everyone seeking care by a chiropractor, but for those that it does, it is a sure bonus.

About the Author

Dr Will was the youngest student ever accepted into the Scandinavian Chiropractic College Stockholm, Sweden, and in 1997, became the youngest graduate from the college at the age of 21 and immediately began practicing as a chiropractor.