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Mild Scoliosis and how to Treat it.

Those with spines that have a curve between 10 and 25 degrees are categorized as mild scoliosis cases. The standard medical practice for growing teens with mild scoliosis is to watch, and wait to see if the curve gets worse. For adults, no specific course of treatment is recommended and very often ignored.  Research however, […]

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Scoliosis treatment – CLEAR consultation video

Here, two great friends of mine and fellow CLEAR Institute certified chiropractors presents a great consultation video about non surgical scoliosis treatment. In the video you’ll see how we view idiopathic scoliosis and how we treat this spinal deformity. Information is also presented for the lack of effective treatment results for scoliosis brace and that […]

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Scoliosis Treatment in Wisconsin

Just came back to Singapore on Monday form a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Went to visit a friend of mine and learn how he treats his clients. He is brilliant in the treatment of scoliosis and has totally different approach than normal chiropractors in dealing with this spinal condition. It was a very productive […]

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3 Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

The standard medical model for treating scoliosis in teens is wrong. For instance, the young patient is often diagnosed in Singapore during school screening and then referred to a doctor for x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Here is where the first problem lies, if the scoliosis is below 25 degrees patient is asked to wait […]

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Are Scoliosis Braces Useless?

This is something that is of great concern for many parents; is my child’s scoliosis brace useless? Discussions and even research is currently being done to find out an answer to that question. The research study ‘BrAIST’ is trying to “compare the risk of curve progression in adolescents with AIS who wear a brace versus […]

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Alternative Scoliosis Treatment That Changed Her Life!

This girl went to see a CLEAR certified chiropractor in California to seek treatment for her Scoliosis and the results that she got will blow you away. Now the video does not mention that she is suffering from an unusual form of scoliosis and not adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. But, because the scoliosis treatment results that […]

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